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The news of Virginia tech proliferated across the news channels, newspapers and websites yesterday. The largest massacre in modern history. I'm not completely desensitized by the news coverage but I have to say because we are surrounded by death everyday I'm a little detached...Maybe it's because I work a full time job and get home everynight tired and uninterested in watching news. I don't deny being an escapist from time to time. Everyday it seems that someone is another casualty to the war in the Middle East. So do you blame me?

This morning I watched the news on the CW, Channel 5 and listened to the newscasters try and guess what Cho Seung-Hui's motive was and why this is still happening in our schools. The same guesses came up: gun control, security, and untreated and ignored signs of mental breakdown. Everyone is trying desperately to blame someone or something. It's really sad. It's hard to say if any of it could have been stopped...but I know the sound of desperation and everyone is hungry for an answer and a solution. I am reminded of the documentary "Bowling for Columbine." Before you start to roll your eyes, I think there were a lot of things we could have learned from that documentary. Every situation is different but I wonder, are there similar patterns. Gun Control was addressed, security, mean kids vs. nerds...mental breakdown. FEAR was the underlying reason for all this madness. Not to say that it was in this case...but it definitely has brought fear back in our schools and homes,that's for sure. If history has taught us anything, there are just no way of knowing...unless we had a machine to predict the future like in the movie/book, MINORITY REPORT...yeah, that's silly. Back to work.
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